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White Grubs are the larvae of the European Chafer Beetle. When the eggs hatch white grub immediately target your lawns root system. Out of sight they slowly destroy your lawn from below while animals like birds and skunks dig holes from the top looking to eat them.

White Grub treatment is included in our Premium Lawn Care Program.

Get the jump on white grub, before they get the jump on your lawn.

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chinch bugs, lawn, care, programs

Chinch Bugs kill turf by injecting toxic fluids into plants as they feed. As they feed throughout the summer, they cause the most damage in August when the weather is hot and dry. Chinch bugs appear in mid May when they move from their winter homes to lay eggs. The feeding usually results in withered patches of grass the lawn then dies.

Your lawn will turn from green to pale yellow and eventually brown


leather jacket, lawn, care, programs

Leather Jacket (the larvae stage of Crane Fly) feed on the roots of your grass causing yellow patches. A female crane fly can lay up to 300 eggs, newly hatched leather jackets feed in April and September. Leather jackets can be found crawling on roadways, side walks and driveways.


Black Medic - Annual broadleaf weed that forms solid patches in your turf, it has three clover like leaves and bright yellow flowers in late spring and summer. It thrives in dry compacted soil.

Black Medic, lawn, care, programs


Dandelion - Probably the most common lawn weed, it thrives in thin lawns and produces bright yellow flowers that turn into white fluffy seed balls.

dandelion, lawn, care, programs


Common Chickweed - Annual broadleaf weed, it forms a mat of growth, produces tiny star like flowers during spring and fall. Likes cool and moist weather.

chickweed, lawn, care, programs


Henbit, lawn, care, programs

Henbit - A member of the mint family, it also is a broadleaf weed. It has light purple flowers and is found mostly in the early spring.


white clover, lawn, care, programs

White Clover - A perennial broadleaf weed that forms patches in your lawn, it spreads as the stem creeps along the ground. Its white blossoms attract bees and other insects.

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